This Could Be You Best Chance to Get Your Business Online!

A few days ago, I made a post titled "5 IT Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have to Succeed".

I ensured it went viral across major social media and forums in Nigeria and the result has been nothing short of phenoemanal!In the last 48 hours we have received a good number of orders for logos, websites, busines cards and Company ID cards from people who have run their businesses for several years without these essential tools.

The fact is this, technology has simplified business and ministry. Today, a small startup like Pukena can look big and attractive to people because of our smart use of technology.

I get emails from people who express their joy for associating with this brand and I am like, "What are they seeing?"

If your business or church is not yet online, believe me, you are missing the opportunity to reach over 70% of your target audience.

I was discussingg wth a Pastor friend of mine sometime ago. I asked him, "Does your church have a website?" H…

5 Tech Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Let's get right to it.No time 1. Graphics Design  This is a basic skill to have from the onset. You need a business logo, letterhead, business card, custom fonts and colours,and other components of corporate branding.  If you lack these skills, you might need to set aside a small budget to hire professionals every step of the way. But it's great if you can do it yourself (DIY) and save yourself some money. I do most of my graphics myself and have a great team of expert graphic designers that dish out amazing corporate designs for startups every week. 2. Web Design Next to graphics skills is website design. This is a great skill to learn. Not only to be able to design yourown websites and save money but to be able to manage yor websites on the fly. Most entrepreneurs completely rely on their web designers for all heir web project needs from designs to management. This can be a slow process for someone like me who like quick response to inspiration. I design my websites and also surr…


Purpose of This Paper This documents aims to capture the Minimum Viable Version of Pukena.Ng for the first 6 months between August 20th 2017 to Feb 20 2018.
The founder aims to show by this paper what he can do if given a loan of N400, 000 from family and friends. He believes that when he succeeds with N400,000 loan to launch Pukena and bootstrap for the first 6 month, he stands a better chance to attract equity investors who will then invest huge sums to scale the business.
MVP Area of Coverage: Aguda, Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya
Service Categories To Launch: Food Delivery, Event Services (Party Rentals, Photography, Photography, Event Mc, Wedding Decorator, Caterer), Home maintenance Services (Carpenter, Plumbing, Generator Repairer, Painter, Home/ Office Cleaner, Electrician, etc)
How Pukena Works 1.Select a Service: Clients select a service they need from the list of categories on our website (we are developing an accompanying mobile app to be launched in 20…