3 Sites That Made Me Money While I Slept Last Night

Yes, I am gradually getting there!!

My goal this year is to create as many passive income streams as possible, so that at a point, I might choose not to work on my day job again and just concentrate on empowering people through seminars.

Warren Buffet said, " If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, You might die working all your life!"

That's profound.

Ok, Here are just 3 sites out of my current portfolios of online investments that made me some cash while I slept last night:


This site paid me a total of 5 dollars yesterday both from referral bonus of 30%  and my daily earning of 1$ per day. That bonus came from a reader of this blog. I would like to share this bonus with that reader. Leave a comment below if you are the one and send me a screenshot of your transactions so i can be sure. Same goes to whoever signs up with my link. I will give back 50% of my referral bonus.

Here is my link: https://btcprominer.life/1902


This site is just 4 days old and for now seems to be a good place to put your money. They pay you 10% of every deposit you make for life. That's outrageous and almost too real to be true. You earn 0.00004167btc per hour. Well they have been true to their words so far as you can see from my earning dashboard.

However, at that interest rate, I doubt if they can sustain it for the long haul. But still, for now, being new, they would like to impress. That's why I dove in. So you too can dive in now that its early, make your money, break even and play safe!

They also have an amazing referral bonus of 15%. So you can make money both from your daily interest and referral bonus.

You get 50% referral bonus back  from me for signing up with my link. Just supply me with your transaction proof.

Click here to sign up.


I love this one. So peaceful, I can almost vouch for them.

Though their daily interest of 1.6% isn't that much but they are steady and a has a rich track record. It is an investor's dream. Coupled with their amazing referral bonus of 10% for direct referral and 5% from second level referral, you can make a fortune if you put in a little work in this program.

Sign up with them,make a huge deposit and relax. Every day for life you earn 1.6% of that deposit for life. That's fantastic!. I made some cash from them last night too.