How to Make 0.0006Btc per Day for Free!

Status: Paying
Payment Processor: Bitcoin
Minimum Deposit: 0
Maximum Withdrawal: 0.5BTC per day

Ok, I just got this information about a week ago from a friend. I don't personally know much about the nitty gritty of bitcoin mining but I got to understand that these guys are miners and if you sign up with them either with a free account or a premium account, you get some daily share of the bitcoin they mine.

Anyways, as a risk taker, I signed up using my friend's link and put my Bitcoin wallet address on the site and generated a 4-pin code. Immediately I started getting some micro bitcoins.

Though you are not allowed to withdraw the bitcoins till you have up to 0.005btc. I also realised that instead of 0.0006btc per day, I can make 0.0012 per day if I upgrade from a free account to a premuim account with 0.007btc.

Less than 5 days later after that risky move, I withdrew my first 0.005btc! And my account is still mining!!  Am due for my second withrawal in two days time as of the time of writing this report.

I recently checked the site and I saw they have increased the basic package from 0.007btc to 0.01btc. So I was lucky!

Below is a proof of my first withdrawal.

You too can make a lot of money right now as the site is still new within its first 1 month of launch. From my rough calculation, it take 2 weeks to recover your investment and if the site is still working then you can keep making money.

You can register here to start making your own free bitcoin.