I Just Made 5 Dollar Today from This Site

Ok, BTCProminer, one of the sites I reviewed on this blog just paid my my second withdrawal. Read the review here.

I am not sure how long they would last but am glad I took a step to register with them and upgrade to a premuim account with just 0.007 btc (That package is now 0.01btc on the site).

I got my first 0.005btc (5 dollars) four days after upgrading. Now the second 0.005btc is coming 4 days after. That means I made 10 dollars in 10 days from the site. I have recovered my investment and guess what, I am still mining!!!...

So my earning continues. Check my payment proof here.

You can take a plunge and starting mining some bitcoins yourself. Click here to start


  1. I have been mining with BTCProminer for two weeks now, I am on v1.1, I have first withdrawn 0.00522 and it was paid within 2 days, also today I withdrew another 0.00522177. The site is 23 days old today so I still believe its a good place to invest but if you couldn't you can mine free at 20 satoshi/min. One of my referrals on free mining placed a withdrawal order today, I will update here once he is paid.

    1. Wow!..This is amazing. Pls do post the update here. Thanks so much


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