Make 10% of your investment Daily from CoinexPro

Ok, I Just found out this site today from a friend and decided to register and invest a little amount with them.

I invested 0.01btc (about 12$) and they said you get 10% of your deposit daily for a lifetime.

So by my calculation, I make roughly $1 daily and in 2 weeks maximum, I break even!

Since the site is just 3 days old, I figured out they would stay for quite some time and other parameters i checked put them in a good light.

But its still a risk so invest with small money for now.

Click here to start.


  1. It will make perfect sense to invest in this site now - it's just 3 days old and one rule about investment sites - they usually pay when they are young and fresh. The early birds suck in all the profits before the road becomes rough. If can afford it, hit d link right now!


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