Almost on daily basis I reel out different online money making platforms that are paying me.

Now I understand that with tons and tons of them coming out everyday, it is difficult to know which is scam and which is not.

Hence I started this blog. Every online investment reviewed on this blog has been tested by me and certified paying before I post them. That's, however, no guarantee that it would not stop paying sometime in future.

I have tons of investment opportunities I am still studying and testing with my money which I have not posted i this blog. Unlike other blogs that just post content for traffic, I am very particular about the safety of my blog readers. Hence I MUST try it first before I post it.

Now, I have posted quite some contents in the past one week since I launched this blog and a lot of people have signed up for some of the reviewed online investments.

But among all the reviewed online investments, one still stands out for me...

I just love the beauty of BTC BUZZ!

Very simple matrix. Only requires some hard working entrepreneurs to build a team of just 14 people in total.

You don't need to get all those 14 people yourself...

After registering under someone and donating 0.03btc to that person, you proceed to bring in two people under you, who donate 0.03btc each to you. You have 0.06btc in total.

Then you upgrade to the next stage by donating 0.05btc to an upline. You encourage your two direct downlines to bring in two people each under them.

If they do so, when the four people under your two direct downlines would be upgrading to level 2, you are the one they would donate 0.05btc each to. Amazing! You now have 0.21btc in total!!

The above listed process is the ideal way to do matrix to ensure its continuous flow.

However, some people are willing to donate money but are not eager to bring in people. Ok

You need to join a dynamic team that would guarantee you some spillovers. But its not instant!

I pioneered a team called BTCBUZZ PLAYERS and we help each other in that team. You get spillovers after joining but the speed of cashout is not as fast as when you do it using the first process.

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