This Could Be You Best Chance to Get Your Business Online!

A few days ago, I made a post titled "5 IT Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have to Succeed".

I ensured it went viral across major social media and forums in Nigeria and the result has been nothing short of phenoemanal!In the last 48 hours we have received a good number of orders for logos, websites, busines cards and Company ID cards from people who have run their businesses for several years without these essential tools.

The fact is this, technology has simplified business and ministry. Today, a small startup like Pukena can look big and attractive to people because of our smart use of technology.

I get emails from people who express their joy for associating with this brand and I am like, "What are they seeing?"

If your business or church is not yet online, believe me, you are missing the opportunity to reach over 70% of your target audience.

I was discussingg wth a Pastor friend of mine sometime ago. I asked him, "Does your church have a website?" He replied, " I want to touch the souls around me first, there are many sinners around me that I havn't touched..."

Technology is an enabler. It makes ministry easier. It helps you reach more people and your influence grows faster. Jesus operated a 'Multitude Ministry" and I am sure if He were on earth today, He would leverage on the internet to reach more people. "And when he saw the multitude, he climbed to a higher ground..."Matt 5:1

That is leverage...

God has committed unto us the Great commission to reach the whole world! You need technology to achieve that, not by operating from a little corner of your street!

Taking your church or business online is your first step to reaching your world exponentially!

Your business and church should be strong on social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc

These should be tools to spread the good word of commerce and the gospel! Not for gossips and unproductive aguments!

You don't have to be big to use these tools! Pukena is barely 4 months old, but we have an average daily unique visits on our website of 500. Our social media handles are always on fire. We have every trappings of a corporate entity and hence we are attracive the attention of both the media and investors. That's the same story of Jumia, Konga, Supermart, Uber and many other disruptive businesses taking comandof their sphere within a short time of existence

With technology, you can grow a very successful business or ministry within 2 years and give the olders a good run fro their money!

I believe in the Dominion Mandate of the Church.

Worldclass businesses would emerge run by Kingdom amabassadors! So we need to flood he internet with good ideas and productive thinking no chaff!

So that's why, on behalf of Pukena Digital Services, we want to give every entrepreneur and pastor an opportunity to go online! We have partnered with over 15 top web and graphics designers in Lagos to help you get onlne fast.

The project is titled "From Dreamware to Software"-Only for startups and pastors who are not online

Package include;

1) A business logo
2) A simple website and hosting for 1 year
3) Letterhead Design
4) Business Card Design
5) ID card Design
6) Digital Marketing-Facebook Promotion and Google Adwords for 30 days

All for N50,000 Only (Offer Last till Dec 31st 2017) Now on a good day, these entire package would cost you over N200,000

How it works-

Log into to

Fill the order form for each of the item in the package. Once it's complete you get the price slash.

Your designs would be delivered to you online within 10 working days. Website is a simple dynamic business website with no eCommerce facility. If you need eCommerce facility, we would discuss that o the side.

All our sociall media handles, my private facebook messenger and our website site feautre are open for any questions in the course of filling the form.

This is the best chance for you to get your business or ministry online on the cheap!

Grab it!!