5 Tech Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Let's get right to it.No time
1. Graphics Design 
This is a basic skill to have from the onset. You need a business logo, letterhead, business card, custom fonts and colours,and other components of corporate branding. 
If you lack these skills, you might need to set aside a small budget to hire professionals every step of the way. But it's great if you can do it yourself (DIY) and save yourself some money. I do most of my graphics myself and have a great team of expert graphic designers that dish out amazing corporate designs for startups every week.
2. Web Design
Next to graphics skills is website design. This is a great skill to learn. Not only to be able to design yourown websites and save money but to be able to manage yor websites on the fly. Most entrepreneurs completely rely on their web designers for all heir web project needs from designs to management. This can be a slow process for someone like me who like quick response to inspiration. I design my websites and also surround myself with some of the best web development experts in Pukena to ensure we have that crucial need covered for our company and for othe companies.
3.PowerPoint Presentation
You need this to prepare your investor pitches, which is a crucial task for a startup founder. You need to learn how to create professioal and high end presentations that can make an investor to sign the check. I started creating powerpoint slides for my seminars many years ago and now I make slides for different business pesentations. I have also trained more than 500 people how to create PowerPoint Presentations. In Pukena, we create an avearge of 15 slides per day for clients
4. Research
This includes data collection, Market research and online internet research. Pukena is a research masterpiece. I personally consulted over 500 websites and online materials to come up with the first verson of our website. Most startups are unable to do enough research. Well, you might need to call us to do so for you. But knowing how to do it yourself can be a gold mine for you.
5. Online Marketing
You can call it digital marketing or social media marketing. You can even go further to call it search engine optimization. It's good you know the names. Hope you now they also drive business today? You need to know this skill if your business is to survive the first 1 year. It's either you DIY or engage a professional. The benefits far outweighs the cost if done well.
The good news is that whether you desire to learn these important skills or you want reliable professionals who can take your ideas from dreamware to software, Pukena is your sure bet.
To your success!